Do you need a weapon in CBI?

Most probably not.

CBI is an investigative agency. Unlike local police, it doesn’t have the responsibility of maintaining law and order. Consequently, it is unlikely that you will get to fire a weapon in CBI.

CBI gets cases primarily by 2 channels.

  1. Suo Moto (Registering cases by itself, only corruption cases)
  2. By an order of the State Government, Central Government, High Court or the Supreme Court.

In case 1, CBI registers cases only of corruption by the public servants. Since generally, the public servants are not the notorious type who wield any weapon or create a ruckus in the investigation process, CBI doesn’t need a weapon to deal with them. The name of the CBI is sufficient to scare a public servant and they cooperate with the department without any force or any coercion.

The investigation in these cases is of a civilian nature and almost all of the accused are high profile civilians or public servants. This very nature of the case renders it inappropriate to carry a weapon by the CBI officers.

Although it happens sometimes in trap cases that the accused offers resistance making the use of force by the CBI officials mandatory but the weapon is still prohibited in CBI. Such physical resistance should better be dealt with only physically. Carrying of a weapon by an official may make such moments of heated exchange a bloodbath which must be avoided at any cost.

In case 2, where the case has been transferred by any of the 4 eminent authorities, the case can be of any nature i.e. Corruption case, economic offenses case or a special crime case. First 2 are generally harmless but the third one may involve some notorious accused persons. But these cases are transferred to CBI after the local police have collected the primary evidence, made the preliminary report and have arrested the suspects. Other suspects or the accused persons who are on the loose, stay wary and make no such mistake which will expose them. So this again renders it unnecessary to carry a weapon by the CBI officials.

Even on a raid, CBI officials do not take a weapon with them. The name of CBI is such a powerful force in itself that you don’t need one. CBI doesn’t have to take action impromptu except in a very few cases.

In 99% of the cases, there is never such an emergency that you will ever need a weapon. I said 99% because there is a 1% chance that you might need the weapon.

Sometimes it so happens that the Special Unit branch (SU) of CBI has gathered some credible input that some fake currency notes are about to be circulated by so-and-so persons residing at so-and-so place. If the info is correct, then this racket needs to be busted. In such cases, a team of 5-6 members is formed and the experienced ones are allotted weapons under their name. Such busting operation is on the real-time info of the SU so the team may have to take immediate action at the scene. In such cases, it becomes imperative that the team members are allotted weapons for any emergency. But such cases arise very rarely about once in every 200 cases. The weapon that is provided is a pistol.

The name of the CBI has so much influence that unlike other departments, CBI officials do not even take the local police along with them on searches (Read: raids) simply because it’s an overkill to have them along. Another reason for doing so is that it’s too risky to tell them anything beforehand; even the mention of a possible Raid by CBI may make the media persons wary and the news may spread like wildfire, making everyone alert.

Although when you are recruited to the post of a Sub-Inspector, you will be imparted weapon training for 5 days. They use Glock pistols to impart training. Glock pistols are the latest weapons which are being used in the US on a mass scale.

To conclude, a weapon is a burden to carry around. It doesn’t serve any purpose so its avoided in CBI.

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