What happens in CBI medical test?

Central Bureau of investigation is one of the few agencies which has specified physical standards for the prospective candidates. Although, these standards are not rigorous like army or local police neverthless, they are there to establish a minimum qualifying criteria among candidates.

I have already covered this article in a YouTube video. You can watch it here –

In this video, I recount my experience of Medical test of CBI and I also do a QnA session.

As per the SSC recruitment advertisement, the minimum physical requirements for the post of Sub Inspector are as follows –

Snapshot from the official SSC 2019 Advertisement

When I got my joining letter, the medical proforma was also enclosed along with it. I had to take this proforma to my local district hospital and get myself tested.

The medical form contains only the columns which have been specified in the advertisemnt i.e. Height, Chest (with and without expansion) and Eye sight. Note that glasses are allowed in CBI.

My medical test was over within 15 minutes and it isn’t stressful at all. There no test of cycling/ running / TB/Diabetes/High or low BP/ Asthma/ Heart patients / Hypythermia/ Hydrocele/ Piles / Hernia / Vitiligo / Arthritis / tooth decay / tooth missing/ urine test/ blood test or any other thing which is not mentioned already in the SSC official advertisement. Note also that there is a slight difference in the height criteria for NIA. In NIA, the minimum height required for the male candidates is 170 cm whereas the minimum height required for the CBI is 165 cm.

Once you get your medical form signed by the local CMO, you can send it to CBI academy or carry it with you while going for joining, depending on the instructions written in the joining letter.

The joining letter will typically come about one or two months before the actual joining.

That was all from my side on this topic. Thanks for reading.

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