What are the medical criteria for the CBI Sub-Inspector post?


The post of CBI SI is one of the few posts which have explicitly defined the medical criteria required. As per the notification, it is clearly mentioned that the post is not suitable for the candidates with physical disability.

By Physical disability, the illnesses/deficiencies covered are

  1. One leg affected
  2. One arm affected
  3. One leg and one arm affected
  4. Both legs affected
  5. Blind
  6. Low Vision
  7. Partially Deaf
  8. Partially Blind
  9. Hearing Handicapped

Physical criteria

As such, these are just advisory in nature, meaning which they can’t reject a candidate if he has any of the above mentioned conditions. The mandatory conditions are, however, given below –

Note that eye glasses are allowed in CBI.

I have made a detailed video detailing my own experience regarding the medical of CBI. I have also answered most of the questions that aspirants have regarding the medical criteria of CBI. You can watch it here –

One thing to note here is that you have to get your medical done from your district government hospital. CBI doesn’t conduct its own medical test so whatever is written in your medical form by the district CMO will be accepted without verifying at their own end. The only requirement is that you must have the medical form signed by the CMO.

Frequently asked questions

Other than this, no medical condition/physical aspect is important for getting the job of SI in CBI. I have compiled a list of ailments about which I have gotten a lot of questions. Here they are which are not at all important for CBI.

  1. Eyes
  2. Color blindness – OK
  3. Glasses – OK
  4. Eyes Operation – OK
  5. Lasic – Allowed
  6. 1 eye is bad, then not allowed
  7. knock – knees
    1. Its written that this job is not suitable for pwd with both legs because it requires too much field work.
    2. You can choose Income Tax Department.
  8. Crooked hand
    1. Unsuitable job
    2. Fractured hand – not suitable but its not disqualifying criteria
  9. TB/Diabetes/High or low BP/ Asthma/ Heart patients / Hypothermia/ Hydrocele/ Piles / Hernia / Vitiligo / Arthritis / tooth decay / tooth missing – all allowed.
  10. With what is height measured? – Stadiometer
  11. Kidney surgery / Kidney stone ⇒ Allowed.
  12. tattoo allowed or not ⇒ Yes. You don’t need to remove your clothes for that
  13. Bone of shoulder is fractured ⇒ Its allowed
  14. Teeth are not checked. So you are good if you have teeth problems
  15. Ligament surgery valid or invalid – allowed
  16. surgery / treatment of any kind is valid ⇒ Yes, if you qualify the given criteria
  17. sinus infection is allowed ⇒ Yes
  18. flat foot ⇒ allowed
  19. Scar of the tattoe ⇒ allowed
  20. Knee / Ankle test like army – No such test is there in CBI
  21. both hands broken => unsuitable job for you
  22. Deaf/Fracture in leg / Middle finger not working => allowed
  23. Pigmentation on skin – allowed
  24. chest shape deformation – allowed
  25. Sports / swimming / Fat tummy / Can’t run ⇒ No problem. Its all allowed.
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