Part : 3 MythBusters | What are the facilities enjoyed by an SI of CBI?

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The one thing that Bollywood has done, is that It has misguided the young minds with fabulous perceptions of enigmatic departments like CBI, IB and R&AW. There are many widespread misconceptions about the facilities provided to a Sub-inspector of CBI. Most of these are false, while some of them are indeed true. This is a detailed disection of the same pointwise.

CBI SI has the highest salary in SSC (except AAO)

It is true that the sub-inspector of CBI gets 20% allowance over and above his monthly salary. This allowance covers only the Basic + DA component of your salary. For e.g., If you are posted in Delhi, Your starting basic is Rs. 44900/- and the DA in current is 7% (as on 18.06.2018) Thus you will get an extra allowance of Rs. 20% of (44900 + 7% of 44900) = Rs. 9,608/- per month. We have also done a detailed article on the salary drawn by a CBI SI.

Many people have misconceptions that a CBI sub-inspector is allotted a house or bungalow to live in. This myth is very juvenile. Not even an SP in CBI is allotted a bungalow let alone the sub-inspector. A sub-inspector is entitled to Type-III quarter and that’s also on the queue basis.

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In Delhi, there is a waiting list of about 15 years for a government quarter so don’t expect that you will be given a government quarter upon your joining. Be prepared to rent your own accommodation. In my opinion, after the implementation of the 7th pay commission,  It is a better idea to take up a house on rent than to sign up for a government quarter because nowadays the HRA component of the salary is sufficient to provide you a comfortable home in the city. While you cannot select a quarter of your choosing, you can choose a rented home to your own liking.

It used to be a problem in 6th pay commission because even in Delhi (X city), HRA used to Rs. 4050/-, pretty insignificant to rent even a single room in Delhi. But with the implementation of 7th pay commission, HRA (in Delhi) has risen to Rs. 10,776/- which is pretty decent. You can easily afford a 2 BHK in Rs. 10,000/- on the outskirts of Delhi like Noida, Okhla or Greater Noida.

In addition, a sub-inspector is entitled to a CUG SIM card from the department. If the department doesn’t provide one, he/she can convert his own SIM to postpaid and claim the bill up to Rs. 500/- every month.

If a sub-Inspector is to go in the field, he/she can request for vehicle allocation in advance. If the same is available, the request is generally granted. But here’s a caveat. The instances will be very rare when you will be allotted a vehicle because the CBI has an acute resource crunch. There are just 2-3 vehicles in a branch of 60 people. Everybody is investigating one case or another, and everybody needs to go in the field. Whom do you think qualifies for a vehicle first, A sub-inspector or a DySP?

It will do you good if you make up your mind to do field investigation using Delhi Metro/Auto/DTC Bus or your own vehicle. Although they reimburse you for your expenses at the rate of Rs. 8 per km.

facilities of a sub-Inspector SI in CBI
Sub-Inspector of CBI should have a bike

Don’t get discouraged though. When you are tasked with the very important work, like an arrest (Execution of NBW), you will generally be allocated a vehicle along with 2 constables.

When a sub-inspector is to go on tour, he is entitled to travel in a 2nd AC coach. He can also get issued pre-signed Railway warrants. A railway warrant is like a prepaid railway reservation form. You just have to fill it in and submit at the counter and they will issue you the ticket between the desired stations. CBI has an HQ quota reservation in the railways so your seat is reserved most of the times. Officers equal to or above the rank of DySP are entitled to travel in Flight on the authorization of the SP of the branch.

On tour, a sub-inspector is entitled to claim Rs. 750/- per day in hotel charges and Rs. 800/- per day for food. Daily traveling allowance can also be claimed at Rs. 225/- per day. You are not required to submit any bills or vouchers for any of your expenses.

Gun/Pistol not needed
Generally, guns are not needed in CBI.

Pistol: No. No officer of CBI ever needs a pistol except for a very few rare cases. When they are to act on a real-time information or conduct a busting operation, they have to be prepared for everything which includes having a loaded pistol on their person. But such cases are like once in 1000 so it’s not a normal practice.

Even when they go for a search, they do not take pistols. Pistols are just too risky a burden to carry around. In 99% of the cases, the name of CBI is as powerful as a pistol to disarm the accused. Even while going on search (Read: Raids), they don’t bother to take the help of local police even in another city since it is too risky a business to tell them anything. And the name of CBI works wonders so they don’t actually need pistols.

While I was working in CBI, I was often asked by may family and friends whether I am followed by constables wherever I go. If I have a separate vehicle for me. I used to smile inside on the juvenile misconceptions people have about a sub-inspector. No, you are not followed by any constable or by even an assistant. Not now, not after 20 years, not even when you become an SP in CBI. In fact, I lived my life just like any other private sector employee obscured and couched in my safe comfortable zone. Please dispel any false notions if you have about the perks of this job. This job is stripped of all the pomp and frills that people fabulously associate with it.

This was brief lowdown upon the facilities enjoyed by a CBI sub-inspector. Hope you like it.

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