Transfers, Locations and Postings in CBI.

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When it comes to office locations, CBI has its positives as well as negatives. Incidentally, it is the same thing viewed from different perspectives.

CBI is a tiny department in terms of manpower and resources. In comparison to other departments which have strengths of up to 80000 employees, CBI has a strength of about only 4000 employees out of which mere 2500 are executives. Correspondingly, CBI has a very limited number of offices countrywide.

A general trend is one office per state, that too in the capital city of the state. There are, however some exceptions to this for e.g. Uttar Pradesh has 2 offices, in Ghaziabad and in Lucknow; Madhya Pradesh has 2 offices, one in Jabalpur and one in Bhopal. Similarly, Maharashtra has 3 offices, in Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur each.

The full list of the locations is given below:

Depending on your circumstances, This may be positive as well as negative. If you want to live only in Capital cities/Metro cities, this point is a big plus for you. By contrast, If you belong to a smaller city like Gwalior or Allahabad, you cannot reside there while you work for CBI. So this may work out negatively for you.

Posting preference for CBI is not asked at the time of selection/Interview in SSC. That’s because CBI allots the place of posting after the completion of training. On joining, the Candidates are sent to CBI Academy, Nehru Nagar Ghaziabad for training and after the completion of training, they are asked for their posting preference. They are given 3 options to fill up and they have to fill in the branch and the location of their choice.

In general, CBI authorities try to accommodate the first choice of candidates but they won’t go an extra mile for it. In some cases, if the candidate has been too notorious in the training period and the Head of the academy (DIG Training) writes so in his report, he may get posted to a very remote location. In an Instance, a candidate of New Delhi was posted to a location in North-East. Such instances are although infrequent but not unheard of.

The transfer policy of CBI is a bit rigid. You should not expect to get a transfer as and when you need. The needs of the department override the needs of its employees. Furthermore, there is no fixed policy on transfer. You may spend your entire life working in the same branch at the same location or you may be transferred to other locations every 3 years. Nothing can be said with certainty. A general rule is if your rapport with your senior officials is in tune, you may get to be where you want to be.

Other than this, there are exigencies when on a court order, you will be transferred to a new location almost overnight. For example, when Hon’ble Supreme Court ordered a fresh CBI inquiry in the Vyapam scam case, a new team of about 150 officials was formed and sent to Bhopal within a week. It had names of not only the sub-Inspectors but also of some DySPs, ASPs and even a few SPs. If location preference is a deal breaker, CBI may not be the ideal job for you. You should go for Income tax Inspector instead.

See why the Transfer Policy of Income tax department is far more flexible and employee friendly than that of CBI.

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