Thinking of SI in CBI? Don’t choose Delhi.

Note: This article doesn’t apply to people who are native of Delhi and live with their families. Although some points apply to them too, this article highlights the plight of people who are living in Delhi on rent away from their family.

Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has its headquarters in Delhi. Almost 30% of the entire strength of CBI works in Delhi. CBI has a total of 12 branches in Delhi. There are 3 Economic Offence Wings, 3 Special Crime branches, 3 Anticorruption branches (AC), 1 Anticorruption Bureau (ACB), 1 Cyber Crime branch with Interpol and 1 Special Unit (SU). Other than that, it also has the staff of HQ maintenance and support staff in it. Consequently, Delhi is the most overworked and understaffed place with respect to CBI.

Almost every case, in which an investigation is ordered by the Hon’ble High courts, the Supreme Court, the Central govt or the state government, is handled by the CBI Delhi. This further exacerbates the resource crunch problem of CBI.

Coming down to the level of SI, Delhi poses a grave problem. There are a total of 8 courts in Delhi where cases of CBI are under trial. When a Sub-Inspector is a pairavi officer of a case, he may have to visit the respective court in which the case is under trial. Sometimes the situation is further worsened by the fact that 2 of your cases will be fixed for hearing on the same date and in different courts, you may have to visit both the courts on the same day.

SI in CBI Delhi
You will never get a seat in Delhi Metro.


Add to this the fact that Delhi is a large sprawling city where any 2 courts are at a distance of about 15 km from each other. Furthermore, because it is Delhi, the fastest way to cover 15 km in the city is Delhi metro (Faster even than your own car, due to traffic) which will take about 40 mins to get you from here to there. Additionally, because it is Delhi, the Metro trains are always jam-packed and you will survive in the metro like this.

Sub-inspector in CBI Delhi.
You are in a rat race in Delhi.


Mind you, Delhi metro is the most convenient mode of transport in Delhi. Even if you buy a bike or even a car, Delhi traffic will make sure that it runs at a snail’s pace and take more time than the Delhi metro. A large number of people park their vehicles in the metro parking stands and then ride in the metro. Its a fact that Delhi metro serves 27.6 lakhs people daily in their commute. In comparison, the Population of Delhi is 1.6 crores.

This is not something which can be disregarded with a casual wave of the hand. When you are faced with the prospect of doing all this for the next few years, a strange gloom sets in and you start questioning your choice, at least that’s what happened to me.

Mind you, you are almost never given a vehicle for any field visit. It is the IO who has to manage everything for his case. The ordeal becomes more prominent when two big trunks of documents are needed to be carried to and fro the court, on the same day. What do you do? What if the court directs you to produce these documents on every hearing? You cannot deposit these documents in the court as they are your responsibility. Even if a single paper of consequence goes missing, It is the IO/Pairavi officer who is accountable for this.

But fret not, the picture may not be as gloomy as it sounds. Things improve once you become an inspector. Although then there are bigger challenges before you than your daily commute.

Further Delhi being the capital, It is one of the most expensive cities in India. It would take at least Rs. 15,000/- to rent a decent 2 BHK flat in 10 kilometers radius of CBI office.

SI in CBI delhi cost of living
Cost-of-Living in Delhi is among the highest in the country.

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You can however rent a 2 BHK flat in Rs. 10,000/- on the outskirts of Delhi like Noida, Okhla, Badarpur etc. But once again, the abovementioned problem of daily commute will raise its head and look you in the eyes. It takes at least an hour in Metro train to reach CBI head office from any of these “cheaper places”. And that’s just one-way journey.

Your daily routine will be something like this: wake up at 6:30, leave the house at 8.15, reach office at 9.30 am, leave office at about 6.15 pm, board the metro at 6.30 and reach your home at 7.30 pm. Then watch some TV, have your dinner and go to sleep. You become a machine. Such daily commute of 2 hours will sap your energy so much that you won’t even enjoy your weekends. This is the story of everybody who works in Delhi.

Where I work and live now, It takes exactly 4 minutes to reach my office. Extra time saved is extra time earned towards other productive or recreational activities. It’s a great relief. I can personally vouch for that.

Add to this the fact that Delhi is the most polluted city in the world. Breathing in the Delhi air for a day is equivalent to smoking 9 cigarettes, as per some estimates. It’s bad for your health. Very, very bad.

All These problems are specific to Delhi. Delhi has become a bane from the boon. The crowd in Delhi is rising at an astronomical rate. Every day, 25,000 new people come to Delhi in search of employment.

You may tolerate all this If you are a resident of Delhi. After all, In the evening, you get to go home, you eat the home-cooked food and you live with your family. But for those who are living alone in Delhi away from their family, the problem becomes grave and it all starts appearing a thankless sustenance drive. Even the daily commute to and fro office will be torturous due to the sheer crowd in Delhi. It was one of the reasons why some of my friends and I left the job in CBI.

Job in CBI is rewarding when you are not in Delhi. In smaller cities like Bhopal or Jaipur, there are only 1 or 2 courts. Furthermore, these cities have every facility that Delhi has but with lesser crowd. In addition, these cities are far less expensive than Delhi is. For e.g. In Bhopal, you can easily rent a 2 BHK apartment in Rs. 9,000/- at a distance of just 4 kilometers from the CBI office.

These cities are today, what Delhi was 20 years ago. Rich. Live. Vibrant. And rife with every facility.

Don’t be a part of the rat race. You live only once: Live young, Live fully.

My recommendation: Go for Delhi only if you are a resident of Delhi. Else opt for some small city. You will be happier.

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