Salary of a CBI Sub-Inspector: the highest paying job in SSC.

CBI is probably the only post in the entire repertoire of SSC where a lesser designation leads to higher salary and better reputation, better even than the Inspector of Income Tax.

CBI in its intent and soul is primarily a police department. And no police department recruits directly at the post of Inspector, that’s why CBI also awards the post of sub-inspector to new recruits. But make no mistake, CBI more than compensates for it.

In the 6th pay commission, when the Grade Pay (GP) of a CBI sub-inspector was Rs. 4200/- per month, the grade pay of the Inspectors in various departments was hovering at Rs. 4600/-. To compensate for this, CBI was giving its employees 25% extra on the Basic+DA component of the salary, which effectively rendered the salary of a Sub-Inspector comparable to the salary of an Inspector of Income Tax. (To get a rough idea of net in-hand salary from grade pay, multiply the GP by 9). This was in addition to the 13 months’ pay that CBI people are awarded.

This 13 months salary is a feature of most of the police departments in the country. It is to compensate for the extra work that police officials have to do on weekends. Talking specifically about CBI, it translates to 2.5 days in a month. If you log your attendance for at least 3 days in a month, all these attendances will add up in a year and you will be compensated for that in the month of April. This salary will consist of basic salary plus the dearness allowance on that. No HRA or TA component will be awarded for this 13th salary.

After the Implementation of 7th pay, there have been sweeping changes in the pay structure of an SI in CBI. CBI department, in consultation with DoPT (Department of Personnel and Training), has raised the grade pay of Sub-Inspectors from Rs. 4200/- to Rs. 4600/- per month. (It has also pushed up the grade pay of CBI Inspectors from Rs. 4600/- to Rs. 4800/-.)

This upgrade alone has rendered the pay of a sub-inspector equal to an Inspector of another department. The cherry on the top is an extra 20% offered on the Basic + DA given to its candidates every month. Let’s have a back-of-the-envelope calculation:

In 7th pay, GP of Rs. 4600/- translates to a Basic of Rs. 44900/-.

Dearness allowance at present (as of 18.06.2018) is 7% i.e. Rs. 3,143/-

Travelling allowance in Delhi (X grade city) is Rs. 3600 + DA i.e. 3600 + 7% of 3600 = Rs. 3852/-

House Rent allowance in Delhi (city X) is 24% of the Basic i.e. 24% of 44900 = Rs. 10,776/-

Total: – Rs. 62,671/- per month.

Thus an inspector of any other post will fetch gross salary of Rs. 62,671/- per month in any X grade city. [It means net salary of 56,000/- approx.]

But not the Sub-Inspector of CBI. He will fetch an allowance of 20% of (Basic + DA) extra over and above this. Thus additional allowance of an SI = 20% of (44900 + 7% of 44900) = Rs. 9,608/-.

Gross salary per month of a Sub Inspector = 62671 + 9608 = Rs. 72,279/- per month.

(For net in-hand salary, deduct about Rs. 6,000/- for NPS, CGHS, CGEIS, Income Tax etc.)

That’s not all. In addition to this, you are paid 13 months’ salary barring the HRA and TA for the extra month. Thus add Rs. 44900+3143 = Rs. 48043/- more in your annual salary.

In addition to this, a sub-Inspector is also entitled to a SIM card from the department. If no SIM card is issued, he can convert his own SIM to postpaid and claim the bill of up to Rs. 500/- per month. But this facility is available in all the departments so there is nothing special about it.

In addition, CBI is the only department where the first promotion is within 4 years, sometimes even in three and a half years. It essentially means that you will become Inspector in 4 years which has a basic pay of Rs. 47,600/-. This means an increased salary of about five to six thousand rupees per month.

Direct DySP exam has removed the hurdle of 15 years in one stroke.
Direct DySP exam has removed the hurdle of 15 years in one stroke.

Add to this the newly inducted DySP exam introduced from last 2 years in CBI. This exam may catapult you directly to the post of DySP of CBI. This further means an added salary of six to eight thousand Rupees above the salary of an Inspector of CBI. No job in the entire repertoire of SSC offers such a meteoric rise.

This analysis clearly indicates the superiority of a sub-inspector of CBI over other posts financially as well as socially.

Choose wisely.

Good luck in your career. love and best wishes!

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