Part 2: Syllabus of CBI training: The most magical thing of all.

This is the second part of the 3-part series about SI training in CBI. If you have not read it, we advise you to read it first. click here: Part 1: Introduction to CBI Training: the best thing that ever happened to me.

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After the completion of training, Its time to join the corresponding branches.

The cadets are told their respective posting places and branches just a week before the completion of the training. They are posted in one of the below-mentioned branches:

  1. Special Crime Branch (SCB)
  2. Economic Offences Wing (EOW)
    1. Bank fraud cases
    2. Fake Currency Notes
    3. Wildlife and poaching cases
  3. Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB)
  4. Cyber Crime Branch
  5. Bank fraud and security cell (BF & SC)
  6. Anti-corruption Branch (This is different from the Anti-Corruption Bureau)
  7. Special Unit (SU)

Read our detailed guide: What are the different branches of CBI and what is the role of Sub-Inspector in each of them.

Syllabus of Training:

The syllabus of CBI SI training is the most engaging thing I have encountered in my 20 years of student life. This syllabus is a phenomenon in itself. It’s a pleasure to read and riveting to ponder about.

Don’t believe me? Well, see for yourself. Some of the topics taught in CBI academy are:

  1. Cyber crimes
  2. Bank fraud cases
  3. Investigation in Homicidal cases
  4. Forensic techniques
  5. Hashing techniques
  6. Investigation and digital evidence
  7. Collection of Digital evidence.
  8. Scientific interrogation techniques
  9. Anti-corruption laws
  10. Economic offenses
  11. Techniques of Investigation abroad (i.e. Investigation in a foreign country)
  12. Scientific aids to investigation
  13. Trap cases
  14. Vigilance and surveillance
  15. Forensic medicines
  16. Types of various poisons
  17. Forensic sciences
  18. Abuse of official position by the government servant.
  19. Disproportionate assets cases
  20. Specialized investigation
  21. Types of knots (In case of Murder by throttling/strangulation)
  22. Marks study (Bullet marks, Strangulation marks on the neck)
  23. Ballistics
  24. Collection of Fingerprints
  25. Identification of fake currency notes
  26. Constitution of India
  27. Indian Penal Code (IPC)
  28. Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC)
  29. Indian Evidence Act (IEA)
  30. Narco Analysis
  31. Polygraph test (Lie Detector test in laymen language)
  32. Fundamental rights and duties
  33. Powers of the executives
  34. Powers of the judiciary
  35. Live post-mortem
  36. Weapon Training (WT)
  37. Prison Visit.
  38. Airport Visit (Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi)
  39. Case studies

And much more! All this in 32 weeks for free! What’s more, you ask! well, they invite the best faculty for a subject.

All the topics covered here are taught by the experts in their fields. For e.g. we were taught most law topics by the head of the ILI institute, Delhi. (Indian Law Institute, Delhi is one of the most prestigious law institutes of the country, just like IITs are for technology and IIMs are for management).

In addition, most of the topics are followed by a practical demonstration. Several senior police officials, Retired Judges, Supreme Court lawyers and retired officials come to the Academy to take lectures. Many of the topics are followed by a visit of the candidates to different places. They are detailed in the next part.

Five years have passed since I read these topics but I still have the entire study material of training. If you want the reading material on any of the topic, please follow this link. Please copy and paste this link in a new browser tab. you will get material on almost every topic. I will upload more soon.  

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