Inter Charge Transfer (ICT) in Income Tax Department: the Pros and the Cons?

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In Income Tax Department, the posting regions of Inspectors are decided at the time of recruitment itself. It so happens sometimes that you do not get your preferred region of posting. Furthermore, the department doesn’t have an all India transfer policy for Income Tax Officers and below. So it becomes a problem if you want to switch to your home state. There is, however, a consolation for you: Inter Charge Transfer (ICT).

Income Tax Department gives its employees one chance to get their region changed. This process is known as Inter Charge Transfer (ICT). Note that there is no such procedure in CBI as CBI already has all India transfer policy. (See transfer policy of CBI)

To request for an ICT, you must have completed 3 years of service in the Income Tax Department. After the completion of this period, you can request for an Inter Charge Transfer to another region. This request is generally approved by the authorities. There is, however, a caveat here.

Once you take an ICT, you will lose all the seniority that you earned in this 3 years of service. It means that this experience will not be counted towards your promotion in your destination region. Seniority list in every region is on the Queue basis (First come, first serve). Let’s understand this with an example:

Suppose you joined as Inspector in 2015 in Tamilnadu region at 222nd place in the seniority list of Tamilnadu (It means that there are 221 Inspectors who will be promoted before you). Please note that every region maintains its own seniority list that’s why some of the regions have faster promotions whereas some of them have a relatively slower promotion.

At the same time, assume that your friend joined in UP at the 133rd place of the seniority list.

Let’s suppose that you applied for ICT from Tamilnadu to UP in 2018. Assuming that the seniority list in UP in 2018 is at 260th place, we can conclude that you will join at 261st place in UP. It means that all the Inspectors (even your juniors who joined in UP between 2015 & 2018) will be promoted before you.

Further, assume that in these 3 years the position of your friend has risen to maybe 64th in UP. Here you can see that even though both of you joined the department together (in 2015), taking an ICT will make you trail behind your friend by 261-64 = 197 places. These 197 candidates will take about another 7-8 years to get promoted.

Hence it is apparent that taking an ICT will result in a great loss of seniority.

However, the little respite in all this fracas is that your salary is not affected much. Even if you lose your seniority, your increments of these 3 years will be counted while calculating your new salary in your new region.

Choose wisely.

Good luck. Love and best wishes.

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