Why SI in CBI is the best option for women.

I am often asked if a women officer can survive in the CBI. I say with an added emphasis, Survive? She will thrive in CBI unlike many of her batch mates. Truth be told, CBI is the best job for women among all the jobs offered by SSC. Why? you ask! Well, the reasons are plenty.

I’ll begin with the salary. SI in CBI is the highest paying job in the entire portfolio of jobs offered by SSC. A sub-Inspector in CBI fetches a gross salary of about 70,000/- per month in New Delhi (See what is the salary and perks of a Sub-Inspector of CBI). This is about Rs. 6,000/- more per month than its nearest competitor post i.e. Inspector of Income Tax. In addition, they are offered 13 months’ pay, for which they just need to fulfill this condition. Name one private company which gives so much salary and the reputation at the entry level. I bet, you can’t name one.

Furthermore, CBI has a distinct halo around its name. I say jokingly that CBI people are like ghosts, everybody talks about them but nobody has seen one. They are rare, like tigers. CBI gives its employees a reputation no other department gives. I have switched from SI in CBI to Inspector of Income Tax and I see the difference between the authority wielded by both the posts. Trust me on this, CBI has far more muscles than any other department. A lady officer with the name of CBI is just too hot an iron to handle. She is the epitome of power and prestige with an excellent salary to boot.

CBI gives wings to its ladies
CBI gives wings to its ladies

CBI gives wings to its ladies. Along with this reputation and excellent pay, CBI gives up to 180 days paid maternal leave. (Although this is common to all the government departments).

Furthermore, CBI as a government department has a feminist outlook. Female officers are not transferred to remote locations without their prior consent. They are almost always given the posting location of their choice. They are not generally sent on tours if they are uncomfortable or if they do not want to leave the city. They are not, in general, even sent for verification in the field because it’s a male-dominated area. Of course, No one stops a lady officer if she wants to make spot inquiries or if she herself is willing to go in the field.

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Ten years ago, it was a bit troublesome for a senior to scold a female officer. With the recent feminism fever kicking in, it has become even more difficult for higher officials to scold a lady officer. If she complains that she has been offended by any male officer inappropriately, may God help the man! The career and the reputation of the male officer stand at the verge of the cliff ready to nosedive in a bottomless pit.

Other than that, they are not made to work after 6.00 PM unless there is a compelling reason to do so. They are gently cared for and nurtured in the department.

This all is not to belittle the capability of women officers. In fact, many women officers are doing excellent work in CBI at the higher posts like Jt. Director, DIG, SP and DySPs and lower posts also. But it is also true that the attitude of CBI department, in general, is more delicate and supportive towards its female employees which makes it an excellent choice for women.

The only downside for females in this department is that CBI has a very limited number of offices, mostly in the capital cities of the states. It means that they cannot be posted at a location other than these cities. For example, If you are a resident of Gwalior, you will have to make do either in Delhi or in Bhopal as these 2 are the nearest offices to Gwalior.

If this is a deal breaker, then you should go for the post of Inspector of Income Tax which has far more number of offices (one in almost every district).

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