Which is the best job in SSC for preparation of UPSC?

SSC has become a fallback option for many candidates, especially the UPSC aspirants. But they are in a constant dilemma due to the lack of reliable and authentic information about which post to choose. Well, no more.

Some of the jobs SSC provides have an extreme workload like CBI and NIA. Some of the posts have a moderate to minimum work like ITI and Asst. in MEA. But one post which stands out from the rest for being extremely employee friendly is Divisional Accountant in CAG (DA).

It’s a job with a grade pay of Rs. 4200/- in 6th pay commission. The total salary comes out at about Rs. 40,000/- in 7th pay commission.

It has a training period of 2 years in total. These 2 years is what you can call a honeymoon period.

Although you are required to attend training for the first 6 months, It becomes more of an option once you join offices on a training attachment. You are required to mark your attendance in the morning once and then you are good to go.

Even the attendance requirement is foregone if you request your supervisor to allow you the same. I have 2 friends both of them in UP who left CBI and joined Divisional Accountant to prepare for the UPSC exam. In their words, DA is the best option for preparation of UPSC. If you cannot prepare while being in DA, you cannot prepare in any other job. To give you a fair idea, one of these friends went to Delhi, prepared there for about 4 months and came back, all the while drawing a decent salary of Rs. 38,000/- from the DA office in UP. Name one job which gives so much flexibility to its employees.

Same have been the reviews from two of my other friends who are posted in Gujarat. The free time they get for themselves is phenomenal. It’s like they are being paid only to prepare for UPSC.

Even after 2 years, they attend office only 3-4 days in a week. That too, of their own accord and their own timing. Nothing comes close to the freedom you get in this job.

However, it should be noted here that this job has 6 papers which are conducted after the training. These papers must be cleared within a total of 6 attempts. First 3 attempts are your right and last 3 attempts are on the discretion of the CAG. If you don’t clear these exams, you will be removed from service. This is no hocus pocus, this has happened before. So please be sure to clear these departmental exams first. The sooner you pass these exams, sooner you rise in the seniority list.

Although the pay in this job is lesser than in other jobs, it shouldn’t bother someone who is taking this job only as a temporary refuge. Think of this job as your runway towards higher glory. Just like an athlete takes several steps backward so that he may jump farther ahead, you are taking this job as a runway.

This job is also good if you get your home posting. You will always remain in the same state and job is not stressful at all.

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