Tax assistant in the Income Tax Department – Complete Job Profile


Tax assistant in CBDT is a 2400 grade pay job which is equivalent to the Upper Divisional Clerk (One level above the Steno in CBI) and is also equal to the grade pay of the Head Constable in CBI (GP 2400).

This job is appropriate for you if its your dream to work in the Income Tax Department and for some reason or another, you aren’t able to crack the post of Income Tax Inspector. If you join the department at this post, chances are that you shall be promoted to the post of inspector within 5-6 years if you clear all the departmental exams that come before it.

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Complete Job profile of a tax assistant in the Income Tax Department

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Exam for getting selection

To get the post of a tax assistant in CBDT, you must clear the SSC CGL exam. The cut off of the exam goes pretty high – around 510-20 out of 700 for non-interview posts and 540-550 for interview posts (in General category).

One thing to remember here is that merely clearing the cut-off won’t guarantee you the selection. You have to score about 40-45 marks above your category cut-off to be ascertained that you get selected. I am telling you, the competition is cut-throat.

I addition to this, there is also a CPT (Computer Proficiency test) or typing test which you have to qualify.

Salary and Perks

The tax asssitant is a 2400/- grade pay job which means that your starting salary in an X grade city (for eg. Delhi, Mumbai) will be about 33000/- per month in hand after all deductions.


As you join as TA in the department, you have to clear the departmental ministerial exam (whose syllabus mostly involves office procedures, office rules, leave rules, CCS conduct rules etc) , you shall be eligible for a promotion. The first promotion is for the post of Sr. TA. Some people also call it executive assistant.

This is a huge jump in rank, salary and perks. The grade pay of a Sr. TA is about 4200/- which is just one level below the level of Income Tax Inspector (Grade pay 4600/-). However, there’s not much difference between the salary of an Income Tax Inspector and a Senior Tax Assistant. Its about three to four thousand only.

Furthermore, there’s no difference between the perks and allowances in both of these posts. Both posts, Sr. TA as well as ITI, are entitled for Rs. 750/- hotel allowance, Rs. 800/- food allowance and Rs. 225/- of travelling allowance per day. This means that from the point of view of the government, both of these posts are equivalent to the each other.

The next promotion up the ladder is Inspector, if you clear the department exam of Inspector. Otherwise you will be promoted in the line of ministerial staff only. I have covered the promotions of Inspector and above in this article, so follow that article to know about that line of promotions.

In the ministerial line, the next promotion is Office superintendent (Grade pay 4600/-) which is equivalent to the post of Inspector. You will get to be an Office Superintendent in maybe about 8-10 years from the post of Sr. TA.

The next promotions are Administrative Officer (Level -3, level -2 and level -1). In these posts, you will get the increment in salary as you rise up but the name of the post will remain same. If you join at young age, then you might reach upto level -1 officer.


One good thing about the post of the tax assistant is that if you clear the departmental exams, then you will get ample increments in your salary from time to time.

For eg. there’s a Hindi typing test, if you clear that then you will get 1 increment, then there’s the Inspector exam, which will give you 2 increments. If you become the OS then you will get 2 more increments and furthermore, if you clear the ITO exam, then you will further get two more increments.

One increment means 3% increase in the basic salary so two increments mean about Rs. 3000/- increment in the monthly salary.

Job Profile

The work assigned to a tax assistant involves both types – clerical work and executive work. In contrast, an Inspector is mainly associated with the executive work of his ward. See the work profile of an inspector here.

By clerical work, I mean to make and prepare the salaries of all the office staff, preparing bills and vouchers of office expenses, getting the leaves sanctioned, updation and maintenance of the service books etc.

In addition some executive work like rectification, handling of PAN related applications, maintenance of tax demands list and issuance of notices is also handled by a tax assistant. The workload on a tax assistant is medium to high.


To conclude, I’d say that if you can crack any of the SSC CGL interview post then get that first. But if your dream is to work in the income Tax department and for any reason whatsoever, you are unable to get the job of Income Tax Inspector through SSC CGL, then tax assistant post is a good option.

Its almost certain that within 5-6 years, you will become an Inspector here. One of my friend joined in 2014 as TA in Karnataka and he became an Inspector in 2019. In MP, the people who joined as TA in 2014-15 will become inspectors in 2021 or 2022.

Furthermore, if you join as TA at a young age of 21 or 22, then you might reach up to the level of an ACIT before you retire.

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