Talk to me!

I have been getting a lot of responses over here and on the facebook page to answer some particular questions of SSC aspirants. It is my pleasure to announce today that I have opened a new channel of communication wherein you can directly have a chat with me. You will ask me a question and I will answer that question. As simple as that. Here’s how this works. 

I have made a public group especially for this purpose wherein anyone can join anytime and he can see all the past messages of the group all the way back to the day 1. You post your query on this group and I will post answer. This group is on the Telegram App which is available for Android, Desktop, Windows, iOS and also runs in any browser. (For the uninitiated, Telegram app is Whatsapp like social chatting app but It is vastly superior and suits our purpose well.).  Here are the steps to join this group: 


  1. Click this link:
  2. You will be taken to a new webpage. It will ask you to register on the telegram app and then you will be added to this group. Now you can ask your questions.

You can now access this group in your telegram app anywhere i.e. on Desktop, Android Phone, iPhone or even in web browser itself. If you are already a telegram user, you can also search for this group by typing @CbivsIncomeTax in your telegram search bar.

This is a public group, so you can send this link to your friends who can also join this group without any admin approval.

By joining this group, your number may be visible to us and others. If you don’t want your number to be public,  you should create a username on the telegram app so that your number is not revealed to anyone. After this, your username will work as a proxy for your phone number. 

#Support groups:

On a related note, I am also starting two more support groups for all of those who are preparing for any competitive exam be it SSC, Banks, Railways, CAT, MAT, GRE, GMAT, XLRI or any other exam which has its primary focus on Aptitude and English. These two groups are- 



These groups are also public and anybody can join them. You can just click the pic of the question and upload it using your smartphone and I will provide you its solution. This is a free service until I can afford to do so.  

Please don’t bombard this group with spam questions and don’t try to test my knowledge. I am a human too and may not be able to answer all your questions but I believe that I have quite a bit of expertise on these subjects and can weigh in with my two cents. 

While asking a question, please hashtag the same with the topic name for eg. #Profitloss, #percentages. It will help others find these questions by topic. 


  1. I will provide the information based on my own experiences. Please allow for the Human error in reporting and grasping of the information. Hence the info may be outdated, misunderstood, misquoted or plainly wrong and any decision made by you based on this information will solely be your responsibility and not of the site owner or of the group admin.
  2. I don’t have any association with the telegram app. It’s just preferred because of its vastly superior features (For eg, Telegram supports supergroups of upto 2,00,000 (Two lacs) members. You can read more about it here: why I chose Telegram app for my communication channel
  3. This service is free of cost and we don’t want your money, atleast not for this service. Its a basic right of every aspirant to have first hand information of every job so that he can choose the best option for his needs.
  4. Be cool and Be nice on the group. Group admin reserves the right to remove any miscreant.