Thinking of SI in CBI? Don’t choose Delhi.

SI in CBI delhi problems

Note: This article doesn’t apply to people who are native of Delhi and live with their families. Although some points apply to them too, this article highlights the plight of people who are living in Delhi on rent away from their family. Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has its headquarters in Delhi. Almost 30% of … Read more

Part : 3 MythBusters | What are the facilities enjoyed by an SI of CBI?

facilities provided to a cbi sub-inspector

This post has been converted into a video. You can watch it here – Watch the video on YouTube. Don’t forget to like and subscribe if you like the video. If you are uncomfortable in Hindi, please read on the article. The one thing that Bollywood has done, is that It has misguided the young … Read more

What are the work and the duties assigned to a sub-Inspector in CBI?


A sub-inspector is the building block of CBI. He is the first step in the ladder of Investigating Officers (IOs). It is he who is tasked with handling the documentary work and evidences. Although the body of the work assigned to a Sub-Inspector differs from branch to branch, there is an undercurrent of similarity in … Read more

What are different branches of CBI and what is the role of Sub-Inspector in each of them.

branches of CBI

YouTube video Watch the video on YouTube If you are uncomfortable in Hindi, please read on the article. CBI started its life as a sapling meant to investigate allegations of corruption in supplies and procurement during world war II in 1939. It has proved its mettle time and again and in an almost meteoric rise, … Read more

Which is the best job among all the posts offered by SSC?

which job in SSC is suitable for you

Any job cannot be everything for everyone. There are always some compromises and trade-offs between the positives and the negatives. Therefore a better question to ask is ‘which job is suitable for me’. Just as the shoes of one size don’t fit everyone, No single job can be best for everyone. CBI didn’t work for … Read more