Part 1: Introduction to CBI Training: the best thing that ever happened to me.

I get a lot of queries about the CBI training, its syllabus, daily schedule and other intricacies. So I have decided to make a 3 part series uncovering every aspect of the SI training conducted by CBI. Needless to say, I will draw heavily from my own experience. Without much further ado, let’s begin:

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CBI academy campus
CBI academy campus. Photo credits: CBI academy

After the recruitment process, the candidates are sent directly to CBI Academy for training. The training period in CBI is of 32 weeks (give or take one or two weeks). It is compulsory for candidates to live in the on-campus hostel facility provided by the CBI academy. They do not charge for that but you will have to pay for the food. If you have joined CBI as a fresh recruit, you are not entitled to the HRA component of salary during the training period. Conversely, If you have switched to CBI from any other government department, you are entitled to HRA as usual.

The hostel has 3 floors and each floor has about 25 rooms. It depends on the no. of candidates of the batch whether they are given single candidate per room or 2 candidates per room. When I got trained in 2013, our strength was 32 candidates and we were allocated single rooms.

CBI academy hostel
CBI academy hostel. Photo credits: CBI academy

In addition, the hostel has one mess, 2 pool tables, 1 snooker table, one recreation room, facility of chess and carom, Large 40 inches TV with Tata sky enabled, free Wi-Fi and State-of-the-art gym facility. The hostel has been recently renovated and rooms are of modern architecture, in reality, a hotel-like facility. All rooms have attached bathrooms and they provide free cooler facility in summers. Boys and girls live on the same floor (At least this was the case in our batch). You are not charged a single penny either for the hostel facilities or for the electric charges incurred. You live the life like a king.

We were even provided Laptops during the training period for enhancing our computer skills. This was unprecedented before our times. We were given training with all the pomp and frills just like the IPSs are given in National Police Academy (NPA), Hyderabad but the major difference is that they are IPS officers and we were just Sub-Inspectors. CBI is pretty serious about its cadets.

CBI Academy

CBI academy is an institution which is spread in the 8-acre campus in the central Ghaziabad, in Nehru Nagar at Hapur road. The institution has a big cricket ground, a football ground, a synthetic coated basketball court, a volleyball court, one lawn tennis court, one badminton court, a swimming pool and one synthetic running court; the last one being the main point of attraction. There are only 11 such synthetic running courts in the entire country, out of which 2 are in UP; One of them is in CBI Academy, Ghaziabad. CBI Academy also conducts training courses for IPS officers, State police officials and some foreign agents also in addition to its flagship course of SI training.

CBI academy synthetic running track made with an outlay of Rs. 4 crores. There are only 11 such tracks in the entire country, 2 of them in Uttar Pradesh out of which 1 is in CBI academy. Photo credits: CBI academy.

The academy is headed by DIG Training who is supported by SP Training and a few other officials like DySPs and 2 Inspectors (In-charge of Indoor activities and Outdoor activities). DIG training is directly responsible for the well-being of SI cadets and for maintaining Discipline in the academy.

During the training period, the SI recruits are called cadets. As they are yet to become full-fledged Sub-inspectors, they will address everyone as ‘Sir’. Physical training is given to them by the officials of the rank of constables/Head constables/ASIs but never mind their designation. They are our trainers and should be accorded the due respect. Cadets become Sub-Inspectors only after the successful completion of training.

Male Candidates have to shave daily even if it’s a Tuesday or a Thursday (Exempted for Sikh candidates). There is a dress code for every activity that is to be followed without fail.

Training is strict and no exceptions are entertained. SI Training has a fixed routine and candidates have to stick to it. The routine of training is as follows:

Physical exercise: 5:00 AM to 5:45 AM in summer and 6 AM TO 6:45 AM in winter.

Physical Drill: 6:00 to 6:45 AM in summer and 7 AM to 7:45 AM in winter.

Breakfast: 8.00 AM to 8.40 AM.

Classes: 9 AM to 10.15 AM, 10.30 AM to 11.45 AM, 11.45 to 01.00 PM, 2.30 PM to 3.45 PM, 4.00 PM to 5.15 PM [1.15 hours for each lecture, in between 15 minutes break for tea and 1.5 hours break for lunch]

Sports: 5.30 PM to 6.30 PM.

Roll call: 8.00 PM (For counting of candidates and for announcing any instructions for the next day)

Dinner: 8.00 PM to 9.30 PM.

This routine is pretty rigid and every candidate has to stick to it. Any deviation from it is tolerated only if the permission has been taken from the authorities in writing.

This schedule is followed 5 days a week. Saturday is half day and rest of the day is to be used for some hard work like cleaning the gardens, or the swimming pool. Sunday is a holiday.

Cadets are generally given outpasses for the alternate weekends but they have to report before the roll call at 8 PM on Sunday. Candidates can visit the market outside CBI academy after the sports at 6.30 PM but they have to report at the roll call (at 8.00 pm).

The swimming pool in the academy is open in the morning for boys and in the evening for girls. The trainers in the academy train the cadets in swimming. In the morning, swimming pool opens for about an hour after the drill till breakfast.

The structure of Training, when I got trained in 2013-14 was as follows:

First 20 weeks – Phase 1

1 week – Weapon Training

1 week – Leave

1 week – attachment with Ghaziabad police stations

1 week – attachment with Delhi police stations

2 week – attachment with CBI Headquarters

6 weeks – Phase 2 of the training.

Total: 32 weeks

The training ends with the final exam which is to be cleared by every candidate. If a candidate fails an exam, he will have to come and appear in it again in the next batch, although he is not given the training twice.

At the end of 32 weeks, an investiture ceremony is conducted where the chief guest is the Director of CBI. The ceremony is attended by several senior officials of CBI. The cadets are sworn an oath of Industry, Integrity and Impartiality (Motto of CBI) and they are announced Sub-Inspectors and are awarded Medals.

CBI academy Investiture ceremony 17th batch. Photo credits: CBI academy.

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Part 2: Syllabus of CBI training: The most magical thing of all.

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