Medical criteria for the post of Income Tax Inspector


The post of the Income Tax Inspector is one which is suitable for most of the SSC candidates. It doesn’t have any prescribed physical standard nor does it have any medical criteria. Going by the SSC official notification itself, we find that this post is suitable for candidates with the following ailments –

  1. One Arm Affected (OA)
  2. One Leg Affected (OL)
  3. Both Legs affected (BL)
  4. One Arm and One Leg affected (OAL)
  5. Hearing Handicapped (HH)

Following is the screenshot taken from the official SSC notification –

Thus this post most amenable to the candidates who have any of these ailments.

My Experience of Medical test

I have also made a detailed video on my own medical examination for the post of Income Tax Inspector. You can watch it here –

In conclusion, you don’t have to worry much about any of the medical conditions if your aim is to become an Income Tax Inspector.

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