How many leaves does a CBI Sub-Inspector get: theoretically and practically?

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Every central government employee in India is entitled to 30 earned leaves and 8 casual leaves in a year. For government bank employees, the casual leaves awarded are 12 per year. Other than this, a government servant is entitled to 2 days Restricted Holidays (RH) in addition to the government declared Gazetted holidays, about 17 per year. Another 15 days leave are can also be granted to a public servant on medical grounds if he presents a medical certificate to that effect.

Earned leaves (EL) are awarded 2.5 per month and they add up during the period of service. At the time of retirement, you can encash up to 300 ELs as per the current rules. The amount (known as leave encashment) will be calculated based on the last pay drawn just before the retirement. These leaves cannot be clubbed with any other type of leave. Even Gazetted holidays or Sundays falling in between your EL period will be counted towards your leave quota.

Casual leaves are fixed: 8 per year. Even if you join on 26th December, you will have 8 casual leaves in your balance for that particular calendar year. If unutilized, these casual leaves will lapse on 1st January and you will be awarded fresh 8 casual leaves for the next calendar year.

Now let’s talk about leaves specifically in CBI.

In CBI, to avail Earned leaves, you have to submit an application about a week before you want to take leave as the EL file takes time to process. This file goes through 2 channels i.e. the SP and the DIG, SP writes his recommendation/objection and the DIG takes the final decision.

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It has been my observation that in CBI, you are sanctioned 15-18 days of Earned Leaves in a year but not more than that. Applying for leave repetitively may draw the wrath of the higher authority as they are disinclined to sanction more leaves than that. Senior authority reserves the right to cancel the leave or shorten the period for which leave has been requested.

Tip: If you apply for leave in the month of June and December, it is likely that your leave will be sanctioned.

With casual leaves, it is different. They are, as the name suggests, meant for any casualty or any unforeseen emergency. You can avail these without any prior sanction or intimation though it is necessary to inform the Duty Officer through the phone that you are not coming today. You can exhaust your Casual Leave quota of 8 leaves in a year, even in CBI. They can’t deny your request for availing Casual Leaves (CL).

Restricted holidays: You are entitled to 2 days of Restricted Holidays (RH) per year. Restricted Holidays fall on smaller festive days like Chhoti Diwali, Chhat Puja, Bhai Dooj etc. You can see the entire list of RHs here. As Restricted holidays fall near a festival, these leaves are almost always sanctioned.

Gazetted holidays are government declared holidays. These are 17 per annum unless the government cancels a holiday. The full list of GHs can be found here.

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