Part-1: MythBusters | Does a CBI SP enjoy facilities (bungalow, blue light vehicle, constables) like a state police SP does?

One word answer: No.

CBI SP does not enjoy powers and facilities enjoyed by his counterpart in the state police. To put it in one line: CBI SP is just another employee who does enjoy a few more facilities than most of its employees but no, they are not comparable to the facilities and powers enjoyed by state police SP.

Why? Simply because CBI doesn’t have enough resources to expend in such a frivolous manner. Another reason? Well because the nature of duties of CBI SP doesn’t justify this. Doesn’t make sense? Read on.

CBI is a department which is heavily overworked and already short on resources. It cannot afford to provide luxury to its officials. It is, however true that the CBI SP is provided a few of the above-mentioned luxuries but only a miniature version of it, like a consolation prize.

For example, He is given a separate vehicle for official use but it is non-AC. There is no light (Blue or Red) on any of the vehicles of CBI except the Director’s car, that too is covered following the Supreme Court order against such beacon lights in New Delhi. No car/entourage of constables in jeep follows the vehicle of the CBI SP, unlike a state police SP. An SP of CBI is provided a Type-IV residence, but to say it a bungalow will be a gross overstatement. In contrast, an SI in CBI is 4 ranks below an SP but he is entitled to the type-III quarter. Not bad, huh?

It is not as if CBI is doing a great injustice to them. Au contraire, CBI has been too generous in providing them with personal vehicles when the official work of CBI suffers so much on account of resource crunch. In truth, the picture of SP in CBI is highly different from the SP in the state police. While the SP of the state police needs a vehicle to act in real time, No such emergency ever justifies the allocation of separate vehicles to the SPs of CBI. They don’t have to act on live information, they are not expected to make quick visits to the surrounding areas, they are not even expected to investigate the cases. They are euphemistically called Supervisory officers.

In contrast, State police SPs have to make late night visits almost daily. They need to be active for any emergency, riots or public disturbances. They have to maintain the law and order situation of the entire district. If a high profile political figure is to pass from the district, he is the one responsible for the deployment of the force. The SP of the state police needs all the paraphernalia that he is entitled to but a CBI SP doesn’t.

You will be amazed to know that an entire branch of 60 people, where around 35 cases are investigated annually, has just 2 vehicles for its IOs, but the SP and the DIG of the branch are allotted their separate vehicles for their commute between their home and the office. For the entire day, their vehicles lay idle in the basement gathering dust while the IOs of the branch have to toil in the public transport in the sweltering heat of Delhi while the SP and the DIG warm their chairs sipping afternoon coffee watching TVs in their air-conditioned corner offices. More about it here.

Its also beyond my reasonable comprehension as to why the SP and above in CBI are entitled to television sets in their offices. It happens like once-in-a-never that any news worthy of being telecast on a live television demands their immediate attention. And, what do you think they watch while sitting in their comfortable offices, news? Huh, they do but only when India isn’t playing a cricket match.

does SP of CBI enjoys facilities like bunglaw etc like a state police sp
An SP of CBI leads a very comfortable life in the office.


The office work of a CBI SP is more like a manager of a private company. He comes in the company car, sips his tea, takes his lunch, watches some tv and leaves in the evening in the same car obscured in his own world. Each and every piece of work is done by the IO (from Sub-Inspector to ASP), SP is just the signing authority. It’s not as if the CBI department has not tasked them with anything. For example, as per the CBI manual, an SP is required to prepare a monthly progress report (PR) of every case under his supervision, but in reality, it is the IO who prepares it, makes copies of it and presents before the SP so that he (the SP) can sign it and hog all the credit. 

So coming back to our original question, No. The job in CBI is stripped of all the pomp and frills. If you can make do with the bare minimum, CBI is the place for you.


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