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Articles in English

Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)

  1. Part 1: Introduction to CBI Training: the best thing that ever happened to me.
  2. Part 2: Syllabus of CBI training: The most magical thing of all.
  3. Part 3: Visits and Practicals in CBI training: Once in a lifetime experience.
  4. What are the different branches of CBI and what is the role of Sub-Inspector in each of them?
  5. Special Unit (SU): The black sheep of CBI?
  6. Transfers, Locations, and Postings in CBI.
  7. Why is SI in CBI the best option for women?
  8. What are the work and the duties assigned to a sub-Inspector in CBI?
  9. Part 1: What happens in a trap case | What is the role of sub-inspector in it?
  10. Part 2: What happens in a trap case | Watch the drama unfold -Red handed.
  11. Salary of a CBI Sub-Inspector: the highest paying job in SSC.
  12. What are the promotional aspects of an SI in CBI? What is the Direct DySP exam?
  13. How many leaves does a CBI Sub-Inspector get: theoretically and practically?
  14. Thinking of SI in CBI? Don’t choose Delhi.
  15. Do you need a weapon in CBI?
  16. Do you get time in CBI to prepare for UPSC?
  17. Part-1: MythBusters | Does a CBI SP enjoy facilities (bungalow, blue light vehicle, constables) like a state police SP does?
  18. Part-2: MythBusters | Who is more powerful: CBI SP or a state police SP?
  19. Part : 3 MythBusters | What are the facilities enjoyed by an SI of CBI?
  20. How many marks guarantee selection in CBI?
  21. How to join CBI? At which posts does CBI recruit candidates?

Inspector of Income Tax (ITI)

  1. What is the Job Profile of an Income Tax Inspector in the assessment posting?
  2. The Salary and the Perks of an Income Tax Inspector (ITI).
  3. What are the promotion aspects of an Income Tax Inspector and What is the ITO exam?
  4. What are the different Zones in the Income Tax Department?
  5. Transfer Policy of Income Tax Department: the best in SSC?
  6. Inter Charge Transfer (ICT) in the Income Tax Department: the Pros and the Cons?
  7. What are the Medical facilities available to an Income Tax Inspector and CBI Sub Inspector?
  8. Should you go for Inspector of Income Tax or for Sub-inspector of CBI?

SSC (General topics)

  1. Which is the best job among all the posts offered by SSC?
  2. Which is the best job in SSC for the preparation of UPSC?
  3. What are the Retirement Benefits of an SSC Job?

My story

  1. The story of my tryst with SSC.

Same articles in hindi

सीबीआई (केन्द्रीय अन्वेषण ब्युरो)

  1. भाग 1: सीबीआई प्रशिक्षण का परिचय: सबसे अच्छी बात जो कभी मेरे साथ हुई।
  2. भाग 2: CBI प्रशिक्षण का सिलेबस: सबसे जादुई चीज।
  3. भाग 3: सीबीआई प्रशिक्षण में यात्रा और अभ्यास: जीवनकाल के अनुभव में एक बार।
  4. सीबीआई की विभिन्न शाखाएँ क्या हैं और उनमें से प्रत्येक में उप-निरीक्षक की क्या भूमिका है।
  5. सीबीआई में स्थानान्तरण, स्थान और पोस्टिंग।
  6. CBI में सब-इन्स्पेक्टर महिलाओं के लिए सबसे अच्छा विकल्प क्यों है ?
  7. सीबीआई में एक उप-निरीक्षक को क्या काम और कर्तव्य सौंपे जाते हैं?
  8. सीबीआई में एक सब इन्स्पेक्टर के pramotions केसे होते हैं तथा Direct DySP परीक्षा क्या है?
  9. सीबीआई उप-निरीक्षक को कितने छुट्टिया मिलती हैं – सैद्धांतिक और व्यावहारिक रूप से?
  10. एक सीबीआई सब इन्स्पेक्टर की सैलरी – ssc की सभी जॉब्स में सबसे बेहतर

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Thanks and good luck with your career. May God be with you.